Services Included In Tree Removal Services

Most of the time you have noticed that tree was removed but the stump remains in the ground. Becuase As stump removal cost separately from tree lopping Werribee and usually people don’t need the land area ta the time. So they don’t spend money on stump removal. But you will notice in the long run if you have cut down two or three in your lawn or landscape, then you will find that you will be unable to plant new trees because every unremoved stump will be covering the same amount of space required for a single tree.

What if you want to use that area for another purpose like building a cabin or fence. But due to unremoved stump, that land area will be of no use to you. That means once you have saved money by not removing the stump but you cant save that for long. In the end, accept it or not, that stump needs to be removed. Also, stump in-ground doesn’t give a pleasant look, its seems like an unfinished part of your land. People also claim that tree can regrow from unremoved stumps. But you cant bet on nature, as it can work in strange ways. Visit for tree pruning.

Stump removal is not one of the jobs which you can do it yourself. As usually stumps of bigger tree have deep roots in the ground and they cant be removed by hand or household tools. This job should be done by a specialized professional, having all the right equipment. Usually, there are two common methods of stump removal and both are in practice. It depends on the size of stump and land type, which method should be preferred.

Stump removal

As the name states, it simply removes the stump from the ground. But it can be a difficult process because in case of bigger stump the roots will be deep, so you have to dig down till the tip of the roots to remove the stump. After stump removal, you will see the big hole in your ground. So sometimes it can ruin your garden also.

Stump grinding

This is a comparatively simpler version of stump removal. In this case, the stump will not be removed but the top of the stump will be ground in smaller pieces then those pieces will be cut down. That will decrease the length of the stump and it will be less than the ground level. Then you cover the remaining stump with soil. After some time the remaining stump will be decomposed as per natural process. People usually prefer this method as it required lesser work and can be completely neatly as compare to stump removal.