How To Get Rid Of Asbestos Yourself

Today, after many researches carried out by various scientific institutes and research centers, we have now found out about the degree to which being exposed to asbestos could affect an individual. And so because of this, many states and nations, now have strict legal procedures taken against curtailing the possible harmful effects of this. And though such procedures have been set about, there isn’t a complete ban necessarily put on handling this material. So if you were to try rid yourself off of this problem, here is how you could do so while adhering to the set procedures and rules.

The necessary permit

Like mentioned previously many states have now issued and set different means to curtail the harmful effects of this material. One such way is by making it compulsory to obtain a permit when handling these. This also depends on the degree to which you would be tampering with these substances. If there is going to be debris and dust of these, coming out as by-products of whatever tampering you may have done, then you would definitely have to obtain a permit. If it isn’t to that extent and you are trying to merely remove something simple without involving asbestos removalist, then going to such extents would not really be necessary.

A warning sign

Even if you are doing some sort of simple asbestos removal Melbourne, it is always better to warn those that might enter your premises, beforehand. You could lay out a long plastic sheet to set out your work place so that those entering would know to stay clear of the area. It would also be better to work in shade to make sure that the wet area of the sheet remains that way. You could also use more plastic sheet to make a sort of work-in or transition zone, to highlight the warning and keep-off sign even better.

Safety first

While it is great that you care about third party harm from your actions, it is also necessary that you take action to protect yourself as well. After all, inhaling these and being exposed to them for a prolonged period of time is said to hazardous and cancer causing. So don’t forget to suit up with gloves, disposal bags at your side, goggles, boots, and even respirators with HEPA filters.

A wet area

Do make sure that before you work on whatever that is concerned with this substance, you wet the surrounding area of about 10 square feet. Mix in a teaspoon of liquid dish wash and water and spray it around the area well or you could also use half a cup of detergent in a sprayer too. This would surely help a lot in minimizing the horrible after effects of tampering with the said substance. Consider the above, and make sure that you are wise about your decision on handling this on your own. If it isn’t so, be sure to get down a professional or an expert, for a better job!