Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In A House

There are lesser and lesser houses nowadays due to people moving onto apartments. Despite this, houses have been the way of life for many centuries. People have been using houses as shelter for many years and will do so for many years to come. Living in a house may seem natural and many of us may have been brought up in a house but times are changing. One of the reasons for this is that with the population growing and limited availability of land, it is more efficient to build apartments. Further, more and more people move to the apartment and as they move we require space for them to stay. Here’s list of advantages and disadvantages to living in an house.


Large space

Houses are quite big. Due to this it is easy for a family to live in. This give space for the children to play around the place and some houses even have space for a garden. This is something that cannot be replicated with an apartment. You’re getting more room for the money as well. It feels much less claustrophobic in a house. You have room to have attic stairs from Perth and a garage as well.

Easy changes

You can change the house as you wish. If you don’t like a room, you can remodel it. Similarly, if you want to change the house, you can remodel it too. The freedom to change the house to your liking is up to you. Therefore, a house gives you more than enough leeway for your own tinkering and changes required. For example, you want attic ladders, you can easily get it done, similarly, if you want a new room, it can be done too.


You have all the privacy in your house. It is less likely for anyone outside to hear you and you can invite friends over, have a party and not disturb the neighbors. This gives you privacy you require in your own house.



You will have to handle all maintenance by yourself. In case there’s something wrong or something breaks, you will have to handle it or get a professional over. This may be a problem, especially, if there’s a short circuit or if a pipe breaks in the night.


If you require any amenities such as swimming pool, gym, sports area, playground and so on, you will have to visit places that have them. Depending on where you live, this may be quite some distance away. On the other hand, apartments have all of this within the apartment complex itself.