5 Reasons Why Homes Need Air Duct Cleaning

Homes are a safe sanctuary for us and our families. Nowadays, homes are even more sealed than they used to be a few years back. The reason is the use of HVAC systems, which are responsible for heating and cooling of the atmosphere. These systems use the air ducts for the transfer of heated and cooled air. There are a number of reasons why air duct cleaning is very important, not only for the long life and durability of the HVAC systems, but also for the general health of the people that live in these houses. Especially in areas like Mosman, Australia, where the temperature is normally very high, you need to have air duct cleaning. Here are top 5 reasons why you should regularly have air duct cleaning service after air conditioning installation in Northern Beaches Mosman. 

1.      Protection against allergens:

If the air ducts haven’t been cleaned for a long time after the AC instalment in Mosman, a number of allergens might grow in them. With the air being thrown out in the surroundings, all these allergens will spread in the air which you will eventually breathe in. This might give rise to a number of short term as well as chronic diseases.

2.      Getting rid of unpleasant odours:

There are a number of odours that originate in the house. Be it from your pet, your furniture, fumes in the fireplace or the odours while cooking. If you haven’t had cleaning for a long time, these odours will keep lingering inside the houses, which will become irritating.

3.      Get rid of dirt:

Another purpose of HVAC systems is to clean out the dirt from the air that we are breathing in. Therefore, after some time, this dirt starts collecting inside the air ducts as well. This usually happens once a lot of dust has collected in the air ducts, they are not able to properly work anymore, hence increasing the dust inside. So that is another reason why you should get air duct cleaning.

4.      Mould Removal:

Humid areas have excessive moisture. Due to this moisture, a serious problem is associated that is known as mould. It is a type of a fungus. Once it gets into the house, it spread to other places as well. It not only presents serious health hazards, but it also effects the structural integrity of the building as well. Air ducts are one place where this problem can exist. And that is why you need air duct cleaning.

5.      Infestation:

Ducts are closed surfaces, with moisture and maintained temperature. Therefore, they serve as excellent breeding grounds for pests and vermin. Once they get inside them, they will reproduce. Their faeces and urine has a number of adverse health effects. So by duct cleaning, you can stay safe from all these adverse effects.