Cleaning Mistakes That You Are Probably Doing

There is literally no normal human ever that said they like to clean stuff, if you are a cleaner though, cheers to you! But most people just hate the idea of having to go through every nook and corner to clean things from top to bottom. And so they just procrastinate. But what you probably don’t know is that you are doing these mistakes and that is why cleaning is so hard!

Not using the right technique

To do anything right and in ease, there is a particular way you should be following, even when it comes to something as simple as good carpet cleaning. If you are able to get this right, then the chances are that you are able to nail anything in ease, is high. When it comes to cleaning though the problem is that most people don’t seem to pick up on the technique of going from top to bottom. Here you should understand what should be priority and how it could affect. If you are planning on cleaning the fans and you hate vacuuming or sweeping the floors, there is no point in doing that first if you are going to clean the fans afterward. You might just have to do things all over again. So finish the cleaning and then start the vacuuming or sweeping. It is also only logical that you do so!

Not separating clothes

When you are washing, it only makes sense that you separate the clothes before anything else. Whites from colored, lint from others. If you decide on skipping out on this, then you either have to spend hours removing the lint from the clothes or washing tops again because of the color stains. So don’t leave the sorting to the last minute, instead before you washing them have them sorted out in to the laundry baskets. This way washing them also becomes much easier!

Washing dishes when you are using a dishwasher

It is only expected that if you are using a dishwasher, you should first remove or scrape off all the remains in the plate or dish. But that doesn’t mean you should be handwashing them and then putting them back again in the dishwasher to be cleaned. Not only is that a wastage of water but also energy as well. Your cups and plates cannot get anymore cleaner just because you put them in the washer after hand washing them. So avoid this mistake and make the cleaning process easier for yourself!

Washing away the detergent

There are specific detergents that you use for grout and tile cleaning, so when you use these, you need to remember that they need to sit for a while before being scrubbed off. Making the mistake of scrubbing them beforehand is going to have you putting more to clean the grime off or leaving half cleaned tiles that need to be cleaned later, again. So be smart and think logical, even when it comes to cleaning! Use the above tips and make cleaning your home, a breeze!


Selecting the right bathroom tiles are equally important as choosing the right tiles for other parts of your house as it gives an extra wow factor to the overall interior. But there are so many things to consider when building your home and more specifically when finding the right bathroom tiles. The variety of colors, designs, textures and various other features of tiles can confuse you about your decision of the perfect bathroom tile; therefore, below are some tips that will help you in choosing the right bathroom tiles.  

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile 

  1. Size of the Bathroom 
    When going for bathroom tile shopping, it is essential to keep in mind the size of your bathroom. Purchasing the right kind of tiles with relative to the space you have is the key to finding the perfect bathroom tile; so if you have a really large area, you should go for large tiles, if you have a medium sized bathroom, you should opt for medium sized tile and if you have a really small washroom, the best option is to go for small mosaic tiles. 
  2. A balance between the Tile types 
    To add a visual interest in your bathroom, people often choose different types and designs of tiles. But, when selecting tile for your own bathroom, it is important to ensure that one should not exceed the tile types by more than three. Too much of everything makes it overwhelming. 
  3. Take Maintenance into Consideration 
    If you are not really fond of cleaning your bathroom every day then make sure you choose tiles that do not require much maintenance. Tiles in Parramatta that are made from natural stone are more likely to be cleaned very often. Also, glass tiles although are very pretty looking but are super slippery for which they don’t work well when it comes to flooring. Your safest bet is to go for porcelain or ceramic tiles since they are almost maintenance free. 
  4. Neutral Floor and Ceiling 
    A neutral base and ceiling allows you to do funky experiments with the walls, thus, generally, a combination of light coloured floor and ceiling with a touch of opposite walls will draw ones’ attention to see the space rather than just the floor. 
  5. Add Texture 
    If you take your bathroom designing way too seriously and are looking to create a spa like feel for your bathroom, then you may want to keep nature inspired tiles as your option. Marble effect tiles, slate, natural stone tiles and travertine are some of your options that will give you a look that you have always waned. You can also complement such tiles with natural wood tones textures to add more to the spa feel. For more information, please log on to

Finding A Good Repair Center For Fridges

A fridge is one of the most essential items in a kitchen. Keeping your food and other edible and non-edible items fresh for longer. A fridges capability is vivid and unique to each brand. It is important to understand that a fridge service provider is also an integral part of a fridge. However quality services are a very important yet a very difficult option to find.The problem that lies here is that when you give your fridge to a repair center you run the risk of having parts taken off your fridge and replaced with other cheaper, low quality parts. Allowing for your original parts to be sold off at a good profit. Companied that do right electrolux fridge repairs can be liable for this even if this is not the companies policy. Unless the service centers have proper monitoring and checking mechanisms in place, it is very difficult to stop an over eager technician from switching out some parts.This problem is true through out all fridge repair centers, even at agent recommended repair centers.

You go into a very expensive ge refrigerator repairs Melbourne center, trusting that you and your fridge will be given the proper treatment but you end up being a victim to this switch up.The biggest problem with these forms of switches is that it is very difficult to track down to exactly when the incident occurred. If the cheap replacement lasts a while, I could be years and several trips to the repair center later that you discover the swam and by then you its too late to even try to track down the real thieves. The best solution in this case is to hire a company that comes to your home and does the fix right in front of your eyes. However, this has limitations, if the job takes a long time it is possible that the fixing team has to make repeat visits.

Additionally, if it is a home visit. Then you also have to ensure that you are around always unless you can get someone trustworthy to take turns keeping watch.This is the cost you have to go through to get you fridge fixed. Thinking of all this you can start to make your head spin. So, an alternative is to find some who you can trust to either help you out or recommend a safe and reliable recommendation. If you can’t accept this or find any decent place and also you are worried about the condition of the fridge, the best option is to buy a fridge that does what you want but costs so little, that it would be more expensive to switch.