Things You Should Know When Leaving A Rented House

When you are leaving a rented or leased home, you will have many things that you are required to do. Especially, there will be legalities that you will need to first fulfill before leaving a house.

Read below for a guide on what you need to be doing when leaving a rented house.

Mending the damages caused to the house during your stay

It is obligatory by law that the tenants repair any damages done by them intentionally or unintentionally during their tenure. Unless stated otherwise in the agreement when initiating the stay. It is very important that you stay in the house without damaging any of its properties. Even hammering a nail without the permission of the landlord can spell out trouble. So, if you have made any alterations or any damages occurred during your tenure, you will be expected to either pay for the damages or mend them before leaving the property!

Fulfilling any legal requirements that may have been placed when initially drawing up the agreement

When drawing up a legal document for the rental of a house, it is important that as the tenant you carefully analyze the requirements placed upon you. In most instances, however bond cleaning will be a requirement placed upon you. You will need to ensure that the house is tidied up very thoroughly before you handover the house to the owners. You may need to hire cleaning professionals to do a job as expected by your landlords. Since, it is a legal requirement you may be fined if you don’t do a satisfactory job of tidying up the house to perfection before leaving it. And it is advisable that you get the help of professionals to do it.

Paying off all the bills

You will also be required to pay off any bill that is on debt. The electricity, water consumption, the gas and any other utility bill that was issued during your tenure should be paid off by you. You will be legally bound to pay it off before leaving just like tidying up the house to perfection is a requirement. However, in the case of the latter you can get cheap bond cleaners from Gold Coast to do the job for you. Most of them are listed on the local newspapers and you can find the best one for you!

The day to leave

The day you are to leave will be the date you have agreed upon on your agreement. It will be the date that is stated on the agreement when you will need to evacuate the house. Usually, it is the date that the rental was paid on a monthly basis. However, some landlords may give you extensions on the date. In most cases they will give you an extension of a week or so to leave the house.